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We are a leading concrete sawing, concrete drilling and concrete cutting company in Queensland
Concut Pty Ltd (QLD) is one of the largest concrete sawing and drilling companies in Queenlsand. We specialise solely in concrete sawing and drilling services, and have over 25 years’ experience in the field. As a family owned concrete sawing, concrete drilling and concrete cutting company based in Brisbane, our number one focus is in the delivery of the best results for our clients.
We are approved contractors to all major civil and construction companies and have been successful tenderers on many large projects.
We also are a recognised contractor to all Government departments. Because we have the latest equipment (such as 3D Concrete Scanning Machinery) and well trained personnel, we can call on a large pool of expertise and equipment to deal with any concrete sawing and drilling task that may arise.

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We are a leading concrete sawing, concrete drilling and concrete cutting company in Queensland

Ground Penetrating Radar

Quickly and easily investigate areas prior to
sawing or drilling.

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Floor Saw

Our floor sawing machines can be used for general sawing of floor slabs and asphalt such as roads.

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Core Drilling provides a means of cutting precise, circular holes.

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Hand Saw

The Handsaw is used in both vertical and horizontal sawing appliations.

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Ring Saw

The Ring Saw is a hand operated machine allowing a greater cutting depth.

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Soff Cutting

This is an early entry saw for expansion joints which are required for new concrete slabs.

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Line Locating

Line Locating is used to detect not only under slab but under ground services.

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Wall Saw

Wall Sawing provides a precise and accurate means of cutting to a depth of 650mm.

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Wire Saw

The applications of the Diamond Wire Cutting technique are virtually unlimited.

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Ground Penetrating Radar for Structural Investigations Concut Pty Ltd (Qld) is pleased to announce it’s concrete Radar Imaging Service which will enhance it’s sawing and drilling division. To quickly and easily investigate areas prior to sawing or drilling.
Other applications include

  • Concrete/Structure inspection

  • Measure depth of conver or slab thickness

  • Measure layer thickness

  • Locate and map reinforcing support structure

  • Locate non-metallic features i.e. heating/water pipes
  • Quality assessment & control
  • Void detection
  • Locate post tension
  • Locate power cables

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I recently contacted Concut QLD to do a complex concrete cutting job for me. I found their pricing to be comparable, but when it came to service, professionalism and experience – unbeatable!!!”
John Reid
“Engaged Concut to do some concrete scanning (Xray) on behalf of my client where the outcome was critical. Was comforting to find the operatior was knowledgeable and very experienced in this field.”
Rebecca Graham

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